Sovex modifies vehicle loader

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Conveyor manufacturer Sovex has modified its MVL9 mobile vehicle loader to simplify and speed up parcel handling operations, as well as improve efficiency and reduce manual handling requirements.

The MVL9 is designed for premises without a raised loading dock, and comprises a horizontal telescopic belt conveyor fixed to a height adjustable inclined conveyor. Parcels flow up the inclined section and onto the belt conveyor, which extends into the vehicle and carries them to an operator for loading. Travel direction is reversible to allow unloading.

Sovex has mounted a short horizontal belt conveyor to the bottom of the MVL9’s inclined section. It reduces the chances of parcels hanging at transfer points when the unit is connected to mobile conveyor networks, and saves workers having to clear such items by hand. This improves efficiency, and reduces manual handling requirements.

MVL9 has swivel castors that allow companies to move it to suit varying business needs. The machine is now completely motorised and features a wheel, which allows users to steer the machine into position.

Steve Nuttall of Sovex said: “DHL recently placed an order for twenty-five units, and I am dealing with a large number of enquiries. Our recent modifications to MVL9 are a response to specific customer demands.”

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