CILT president plans to boost logistics profile

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The logistics profession needs to raise its profile and professionalism to benefit both the performance of individuals and the operation of the industry, Graeme McFaull, the new president of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, told guests at the inauguration lunch.

Although logistics and supply chain directors are starting to appear in the boardroom, the majority of businesses do not consistently invest in the discipline.  Aspiring managers should have the opportunity to gain professional qualifications in transport and supply chain disciplines at many levels, he said.

“It is my personal objective to seek to raise the professionalism of logisticians and to convince other organisations of the benefits that corporate membership of CILT will bring, both to their managers and to the overall performance of their business.”

McFaull, who is chief executive of Wincanton, pointed out that in his early career, he trained as an accountant and his qualification was the indispensible entry ticket to the profession, providing a solid grounding for career progression. 

“I see no reason why chartered logisticians should not be viewed in the same way.  For the employer, professional qualifications are the route to more consistent standards and greater confidence in the solutions that are offered to customers, or delivered by in-house functions.  They also eliminate the skills gap and provide opportunities.

“If we are to come out of the current economic problems fighting fit then we need to raise our standards and equip our people with the right skills.  At the same time we need to create an image of our industry sufficient to attract talented people and to provide them with compelling reasons to stay.  My focus as president of the institute will be to improve the status of our profession, raise the profile and garner greater support from wider industry.”

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