Loading bay canopy for Sainsbury’s at Andover

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Sainsbury’s has installed a CopriSystems loading bay canopy at its Andover store to provide environmental protection for staff and goods during the unloading process.

Andover is a medium sized store and has three or four deliveries a day. The canopy is 10m long, 6m wide and 5m high and is side wall mounted against the existing building. It protects a scissor lift method of unloading as well as limiting wind, rain and dust issues during the unloading process. The side wall mounted canopy is ideal for a drive-through unloading process as each end of the tunnel effect canopy can be left open.

If the ends are shut, an effective airlock can be created when the warehouse doors are opened. No ground works were required for the installation and the canopy was installed in a matter of days.

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