RedPrairie rolls out full SaaS line

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RedPrairie last month extended its SaaS offerings across its full line of products. RedPrairie now offers SaaS models for all of its solutions.

“RedPrairie recognises that many organisations need more flexibility with their product pricing,” says Llew Heinz, RedPrairie director hosting strategy.

“In the past, we offered extended contracts, broken down by user, as well as standard licensing deals. While those pricing models are still available, all of our products can now be contracted on a buy-by-user, by-order, or by-site basis.

This additional flexibility will allow companies to rapidly scale RedPrairie’s solutions both up and down, easily, and at a lower cost.” Supply chains need the immediacy which only the web can bring. Efficiency, costs and customer service cannot be controlled with 20/20 hindsight.




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