Logistics companies spend too much on fuel

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Discount company The Fuelcard People reckons logistics companies need to update their fuel discount cards to avoid over-spending on fuel.

The company says that thousands of distribution vehicles refuel each day at full price, unaware that discounts of ten pence per litre and more are available. General manager Steve Clarke called it “financial madness” to pay for fuel without enjoying discount pricing.

“Any company without a fuel card will be losing money, while even those who already have one may be missing benefits. Anyone who thinks that all fuel cards are the same is wrong and almost certainly over-pays as a consequence.”

When fuel cards were first introduced, discounts were rare. Now, savings of two to three pence per litre on national average pump prices, and up to ten pence on motorway costs, are typical, said Clarke.

“Significant per-litre discounts should be just the start of the service, savings and security benefits sought by users.”

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