Keystone opts for food temp tracking technology

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Keystone Distribution has opted for PakSense labels designed to track the temperature of food during distribution rather than the temperature of the trailer.

The label is a small digital indicator, pre-programmed to record food temperatures within a set range, and can be customised for either chilled or frozen products.

An LED inside the label flashes green or amber to show if the product is within the acceptable temperature range or if it has drifted outside it since leaving the distribution centre.

Keystone has invested £10,000 in the technology. Quality director Janet Faichen said: “The aim is to improve the way Keystone monitors product temperatures between loading and restaurant delivery. Analysing the data means that we can have complete confidence in the decisions we make in respect of both food quality and safety.

“The PakSense labels not only give us complete management control because we can make sure that they are put in with the product as part of the picking process in the warehouse, but also they are the most economically viable option.

“The labels are like a ‘belt and braces’ combination that helps keep our supply chain integrity in place. They help us guarantee that the right temperatures are being maintained throughout the delivery process.”

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