Bedfords boosts environmental status

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Bedfords Transport has cut costs and emissions after implementing a trailer modification programme.

The Leeds-based company has converted the bulk heads of some of its step framed double deck trailers to allow for a reduction in fuel usage, as well as lowering the company’s overall carbon emissions.

The vehicles have been built and supplied by Wilson’s Trailers and converted by Micra Truck Bodies.

They still have a load capacity of 52 pallets or 25 tonnes and are expected to save Bedfords around £60 per trailer per week, meaning the alterations will pay for themselves within 12 months.

Philip Lockwood, Bedfords’ commercial director, said: “Bedfords is always looking for ways to increase operating efficiency. By modifying the trailers in this way we have still maintained the trailers capacity as well as reducing our fuel usage. This is part of an ongoing upgrade and improvement programme which will make Bedfords more environmentally friendly and to reduce our costs.”

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