Paragon and Tachomaster join forces

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Paragon and Tachomaster have joined forces to provide a new system that combines the former’s routeing and scheduling software with the latter’s tachograph analysis software.

The interface will enable accurate tachograph information about recorded drivers’ hours to be imported directly into the Parargon software.

Tachomaster will record working time directive data for each driver, which the Paragon software then uses to even out driver workloads, to help ensure compliance with drivers hours regulations and maximise overall productivity.

The Paragon Resource Manager module is used to maintain information about planned driver shifts and fleet availability at individual driver and vehicle level. This information is then fed to the Paragon Routeing and Scheduling Optimiser to generate route schedules.

Planned schedules are then matched to actual fleet availability and the individual shifts intended to be worked by each driver that day.

William Salter, managing director of Paragon Software Systems, said: “It is often hard for transport operators to match driver resources with the changing transport plans and now more than ever operators need to cut wastage by streamlining their operations.

“Accurate tachograoh data from Tachomaster will add a vital new dimension to Paragon’s routeing and scheduling software, allowing unnecessary driver costs to be significantly reduced by automatically levelling driver workloads.”

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