The value in understanding the pack

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Gaining an insight into how enterprises value supply chain management and deploy resources to develop progressive supply chain ‘good practice’ is important to every responsible manager/practitioner. Only by understanding how the pack runs are you able to judge how well you compare.

In 2005 The Logistics Europe/IBM Value Chain Survey produced one of the most comprehensive insights into global supply chain management trends and practices – over 400 respondents from across Europe completed the survey. This was part of a continuing programme which has seen similar surveys in the US, France and Japan.

The purpose of these surveys was to both assess the existing level of operational performance and also to identify, track and if possible quantify the extent to which ‘leading’ practices were being adopted in five core areas of supply chain operation, namely: Supply Chain Planning, Logistics and Distribution, Customer Order Management, New Product Development, and Procurement.

The conclusions highlighted just how difficult life was becoming for supply chain teams. The never-ending quest for cost reduction and the emergence of both Asian (China, India…) and Eastern European suppliers was continuously redefining the supply chain landscape. Integration with both internal subsidiaries and with external partners such as contract manufacturers and suppliers was becoming a critical issue. Focusing on global efficiency was seen as requiring supply chain leaders to get the foundations right before addressing this new challenge. In general most of the survey respondents were quite conscious that there was still significant room for improvement to deliver increased profitability – lots of companies were not performing the basics adequately, and therefore not delivering all the benefits that should accrue from proper supply chain management.

Now two years on, Supply Chain Standard (the new name for Logistics Europe) is again working with IBM on The Global Integrated Enterprise Research Study, a continuation of this important work into understanding global supply chain practices.

As a reader of Supply Chain Standard, I would like to invite you to take part in this important survey and, in appreciation, all participants will receive a free white paper based on the survey results. This will include comparisons to global benchmarking data, trends, analysis and key developments by organisation size and industry sector.

The survey is comprised of five high level assessments for key functional areas within organisational supply chains, and we guarantee that your answers will remain totally anonymous. They will not be used for commercial purposes and unless requested, all analysis will be conducted on an aggregated level.

In addition, all entrants will also be entered into a draw to attend the formal presentation of the survey results in London.

The survey should only take a few minutes to complete. To participate, simply register at

I very much hope that you will help in continuing this important work.


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