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Online shopping: the hidden cost

Goods lost in transit is a perennial problem, but now there is evidence that it is becoming more of an issue with the growth of online shopping…

Now Uber takes on the parcels business

A couple of months ago I suggested that there might be a role for a freight version of Uber, the mobile phone app that allows customers to book and track mini-cabs

Risk index at an 18 month low

The news is full of conflict at the moment – conflict in Gaza, in Iraq and the Ukraine. And then there is the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. So it would be reasonable to assume that supply chain risk is increasing

Food for thought…

The UK government feeds a lot of mouths each year people in schools, hospitals, armed forces, central and local government, government agencies, prisons and courts. The procurement budget for food and catering services is now running at £2.4bn a year

Grocery changes challenge supply chains

Over the next five years, the UK grocery market is to grow by 16.3 per cent to £203bn, according to a new five year forecast from the IGD. That sounds very healthy, but that basic figure conceals some trends that will be exercising minds…

Time to license supply chain professionals?

More than one in ten business leaders think modern slavery is likely to be in their supply chains, according to a poll by YouGov for the Chartered Instituted of Purchasing and Supply. And the institute is now warning that the UK could be sleepwalking into

Child labour: the supply chain scandal that keeps repeating

There’s always a bit of excitement about opening up the packaging on a new mobile phone, but for many Samsung buyers that will now be tinged with the disconcerting realisation that child labour may well have been used in the construction of their new phon

Can you see the returns utopia?

Can you imagine a utopia when returns are not just a black hole for inventory and resources, but a bona fide revenue stream, adding value for customers and even cost reductions? Ian Towell, head of general merchandise returns at Tesco can…

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