Hazards removed fro Cadbury site

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Hazard designed a loading bay bumper for Cadbury after the chocolate maker reported problems with its loading bay blocks at its Midpoint logistics site near Birmingham. These were being ripped off the wall, despite only being three months old. The fixing bolts that were welded onto the loading deck frame were being bent out of shape by the force of the containers moving up and down during unloading.

Cadbury had an ongoing maintenance programme to make repairs, and the downtime per bay was about half a day as each bent stud had to be cut off and re-welded, and new studs and rubber block located.

The new bumper needs no fixing bolts to stay in position and moves in sync with the container. It sits in a steel frame and can move up and down freely. The top of the bumper takes all the wear so it can be swapped around to bring the unused end into use.


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