AspenTech rolls out manufacturing and supply chain software

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Aspen Technology has introduced aspenONE V7 Manufacturing & Supply Chain, designed to allow process industry companies to achieve higher profit margins by reducing operational costs, improving agility and getting more out of their assets.

Mark Fusco, president and CEO of AspenTech, said: “To be profitable in today’s economy, companies need to make better decisions faster in response to rapidly shifting market dynamics.

“At the same time, they need to reduce costs while maximising the efficiency of their overall operations… aspenONE V7 MSC makes it easier for our customers to navigate through uncertain times while taking advantage of opportunities with more agile and efficient operations.”

The new software can be applied to more processes in the plant and in industry markets, which before was cost prohibitive. It has also been updated to enable engineers to build, test and deploy multiple control applications more quickly, enhancing operational stability and performance.

The system, which is aimed predominantly at the petroleum supply chain, is already being used by a number of companies.

Phil Koenig, manager of engineering and analytical services at Marathon Oil Company, added: “One of the key challenges when integrating the supply chain is to ensure that the individual organisations – for example refining, supply, or marketing — feel that the decisions being made accurately reflect the impacts or costs on their organisations. 

“Using aspenONE V7 we will be able to combine high-fidelity organisational models, allowing us to accurately determine the incentives, costs, and impacts of supply chain decisions, such as maximising the value of specific crudes by optimally distributing them across multiple refineries.”

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