Still unveils EXU powered pedestrian pallet truck

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Still has added four new EXU low lift trucks with load capacities of 1,600kg, 1,800kg and 2,200kg to its offering.

The powered pedestrian pallet truck is compact in design and has an L2 dimension of 510mm, which is 43mm shorter than its predecessor reducing the turning radius to 1,495mm. The EXU has also been designed so the tiller can be swivelled by a full 90 degrees to the left and right.

For medium transport distances the EXU 20 and 22 can be equipped with a hinged and suspended platform, extending the operational range.

The length of the forks can be selected to suit specific applications, up to a maximum length of 2,400, which allows two pallets to be carried lengthwise at a time.

Floor clearance on the EXU with the forks raised has also been increased by 20 per cent to improve use on ramps with gradients of up to 24 per cent.

The trucks come equipped with OptiSpeed 3.0, which controls the drive speed depending on the angle of the tiller.

In addition, the trucks come with two drive programs, Eco to optimise economy, or Boost to maximise turnover performance.

A maximum driving speed of 6km/h, regardless of load, can be achieved in the Boost setting, while the Eco mode offers a top speed of 4km/h, but extends the service time per battery charge by 15 per cent.

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