Time to tackle US customs change

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Importers and customs brokers that have not yet implemented new data entry software to comply with the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Agency’s Secure Freight Initiative need to act now to meet full compliance status, which becomes mandatory in January 2010, Bill Todd, business development manager CHB, for CargoWise edi has warned.

“Importers and customs brokers that have begun the software implementation process to meet the new supply chain data filing requirements are well-positioned to meet the CBP deadline. However, those companies that do not yet have the proper software systems in place will need to act fast to become compliant in time.”

The CBP directive initiated in January 2009 required much more detailed regulatory data to be provided as the new security measures push information gathering and data entry deeper into the global supply chain, he said. “For that reason, it is important for importers and customs brokers that have not done so to implement ISF software and begin the interim filing process as soon as possible.”

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