Howard Tenens invests in dual fuel technology

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Howard Tenens is introducing dual-fuel technology to its 200-strong fleet in a move to cut carbon emissions. 

The oil ignition gas injection dual-fuel system, developed by the Hardstaff Group, is designed to substitute natural gas for diesel in light or heavy duty engines.

The privately owned third party logistics provider will first install the dual fuel, which is a mix of compressed natural gas (70 per cent) and diesel (30 per cent), to its truck fleet, with a view to rolling it out to the rest of the fleet further down the line.

Catherine Crouch, head of Tenens Environmental, said: “A dual-fuel engine burns diesel and gas simultaneously, we expect to see substantial improvements in terms of air quality exceeding Euro V standards and carbon emissions will be reduced by around 20 per cent.”

The company’s first gas fuelling station will be installed at its Andover depot next month, and then later at the remaining depots within the group.

Discussions are underway with other interested parties with a view to making fuelling stations available for other local gas vehicle projects.   

 “It is an ambition of the Howard Tenens Group to replace compressed natural gas (CNG) with biomethane; a renewable alternative to CNG produced from waste organic matter. This will cut carbon emissions further and reduce dependency on fossil fuels,” said Crouch.

The company first presented its low carbon vehicle programme at this year’s Cart Marking ceremony at the Guildhall in London.

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