Damco launches carbon cutter software

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Damco has launched a Supply Chain Carbon Dashboard, designed to help companies keep track of their carbon footprint throughout their supply chain.

Erling Johns Nielsen, head of Damco’s supply chain development team, says the dashboard will enable customers to report their carbon emissions periodically.

“By displaying carbon emissions on a detailed level, for example by transport mode or by product, the Carbon Dashboard immediately allows you to identify ‘carbon hotspots’ in your supply chain.

“This will help you reduce your carbon footprint, in response to the growing focus on climate change, while at the same time generating genuine cost savings opportunities.”

“With the evolvement of environmental taxes and emission trading schemes to stimulate reduction of carbon emissions, the necessity of reporting your carbon footprint and tracking your progress towards reducing this footprint has become more important than ever.

“By integrating vision, execution and control of a carbon strategy the Supply Chain Carbon Dashboard provides you with easy carbon management of your logistics activities.”


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