Codegate launches workforce software for small firms

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Codegate has launched mobilevantage, off the shelf, configurable mobile workforce management software for small businesses.

The software is designed to allow smaller companies to cost effectively monitor, measure and manage their field-based workers for around £1 per worker per day.

It is aimed at workforces with five to 50 employees and claims to drive profitability due to increased efficiency and productivity, while at the same time improving customer service and retention though improved online traceability and reporting.

Functions include job exporting and reporting, back end capture of job information, diary synchronisation and job scheduling, automatic date and time stamping, customisable drop down menus covering materials and parts two-way messaging, vehicle safety check and tracking and optional satellite navigation.

Terran Churcher, managing director of Codegate, said: “Our experience has shown that the majority of small businesses manage their mobile field workers through mobile phone calls, manually completed job sheets that are prone to human error, e-mail and paper based spreadsheet systems. This leads to huge amounts of time being wasted when scheduling work appointments, re-keying information from job sheets and determining the status of existing jobs. 

“Additionally there is no access to real-time information, such as the location of the most appropriate worker to meet an urgent customer enquiry, and small businesses believe that the only way to achieve this kind of visibility is through costly management systems. It was evident they needed help.”

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