Transport boost for Bernard Matthews

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Turkey producer Bernard Matthews has implemented Isotrak’s Active Transport Management System to monitor and improve the performance of its delivery fleet.

Bernard Matthews’ transport operation links farms across Norfolk, Suffolk and Lincolnshire. It chose Isotrak based on a solid return on investment business case.

The company has installed GPS/GPRS tracking hardware, along with its optional CANbus engine management interface, in 26 tractor units, following a proof of concept phase.

Isotrak also delivers ATMS as a hosted managed service, accessible via a browser, which interprets satellite tracking and vehicle telematics data helping to create insights into business efficiency.

By using ATMS Bernard Matthews aims to reduce trailer downtime while livestock is rounded up and loaded, as well as working towards eliminating excessive turnaround times and unauthorised stops during delivery jobs.

Bernard Matthews also expects to achieve cost saving through improved driving practices, which will be supported by the optional CANbus engine management interface, as well as the driving style management module.

Isotrak’s trials have shown that adopting best practice fuel saving driving style such as gentle acceleration and braking, optimal use of cruise control and avoiding excessive idling can create fuel cost savings up to 19 per cent.

George Youngs, head of logistics at Bernard Matthews, said: “It’s vital for the health of our business to maintain an efficient transport fleet. A key part of that is reducing our fuel consumption to save money and drive down carbon dioxide emissions… the improvements we’ve seen already vindicate our choice.”

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