IDC launches Bluetooth mobile

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IDC has launched a mobile computing system that enables businesses to use Bluetooth technology, including smart phones, mobile printers and barcode readers, to transform efficiency and improve operational management.

The IDC system is designed to enable a field operative to turn on his phone in the morning, download jobs from head office, and then schedule work for the day.

This gives the flexibility to visit sites where and when access will be more convenient, and to make sure the time travelling is minimised through his knowledge of an area. Full contact details are provided for each job and destinations are automatically located through a TomTom satellite navigation system.

IDC’s In4orm software is crucial to the update process, as it is used to format and generate the electronic paperwork, and to integrate all the software applications involved, plus the mobile data interchange. In4orm is a bespoke software platform that is robust, communicates seamlessly with each device and the additional applications, while requiring minimal amounts of processing resource, so the mobile devices are not slowed down by the application.

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