Tesco forklift plan saves £1m

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Traka is set to improve the key control and access management system for Tesco’s forklift truck fleet across its 22 UK distribution centres.

The move will initially involve upgrading more than 2,200 trucks and will help the supermarket giant save £1 million a year.

Each driver will be issued with a Traka iFob key, which is incerted into a receptor socket on the dashboard of the truck and replaces the existing ignition key or PIN access pad.

Previously, keys for forklifts were collected and returned to the Traka cabinet at the beginning and end of each shift, however this caused staff to bottleneck when accessing keys due to the sheer volume of people.

The new approach will save two minutes per person, per truck across all shifts, which accumulates to some 80,000 hours per year across all sites, the equivalent to £1m in improved productivity.

The iFob contains an electronic chip that holds the driver’s personal profile and will only start vehicles they have been trained to drive.

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