TNT Post Pakketservice go digital

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Zetes has completed implementation of a project for TNT Post Pakketservice, which forms part of TNT’s master project, driver goes digital.

The project involves the tracking and tracing of postal packages during the delivery process for all 37 distribution units in Holland, from loading into the vehicle to delivery at the door, including digital proof of delivery.

All 2,500 delivery drivers use Motorola MC70 hand-held terminals for delivering and registering packages with businesses and consumers, of which 400,000 are processed each day.

Zetes implemented its Medea Logistics Execution software, which has a web application for the central delivery scheduling of packages on all routes in Holland.

Drivers use their hand-held devices for recording all possible delivery activities, such as collecting signatures, cash on delivery deliveries and handing packages to neighbours if the addressee is absent.

All drivers have real-time contact with the central administration of TNT via GPRS. Medea makes it possible for data collected locally to be recorded centrally and passed on to the background ICT applications.

Albert Rodenboog, operations manager of TNT Post Pakketservice, said: “The device simplifies the work of the drivers and does away with piles of paperwork. The web application and the PDAs also enable us to check the logistical chain better and faster. This is more cost-efficient and improves quality.”

Carlo D’Agnolo, senior vice-president Central Europe, said: “Automatic, real-time recording of parcel delivery is very important in an age when e-commerce has become commonplace. Both senders and recipients want to track and trace their packages, wherever they happen to be. For businesses, this brings with it changes in their distribution logistics.”

Alain Wirtz, CEO of Zetes, added: “Nowadays, it is becoming ever more important to have real-time information and thus be in constant contact with the staff on the road. This project also illustrates the value of our Medea logistical technology in a complex environment and on a very large scale.”

Implementation took place between November 2008 and July 2009.

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