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Rapid Racking recently completed installation of a two-tier shelving system at Witney for docdata, which offers logistics and distribution in the e-commerce sector.

docdata recently took on an extra 50,000 sq ft of warehouse space. Rapid Racking suggested a two-tier system as an economical way of making full use of the building height by fitting suspended walkways and staircases to access the upper shelf levels. In docdata’s case it is accompanied by an adjoining mezzanine floor which provides a first floor marshalling area and gives access via a pallet loading gate and goods lift.

The large system was designed to cover a floor area of nearly 9,000 sq ft, to be installed in two phases. It initially provides 800 shelf levels, each with a loading capacity of 350kg. Phase two could double this, but there is a planned option to fit it out with garment hanging rails, which Rapid Racking is also able to provide.

Andy Reedman, chairman of docdata, says: “The guys at Rapid Racking have been supporting us formany years as we have evolved and expanded. As always, they have been very helpful and creative in coming up with ideas on how we can produce a really effective pick/pack operation within an agreed budget. They finished the job on time, within budget andwe are very pleased with their work.”

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