BA extends pharma service

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British Airways World Cargo is developing Constant Climate, its temperature-controlled product for pharmaceuticals, with a dedicated product care team, an SMS customer update service. It has also broadened the scope of the service to include passive temperature-controlled packages and shipments.

The new elements of the product launch globally across all 56 Constant Climate stations in early September 2009 and are being implemented following consultation with specialist pharmaceutical forwarders.

The SMS offering updates customers by text message or email at key milestones through the air freight journey around the clock. For Constant Climate Active shipments using Envirotainers, the temperature inside the unit and the condition of the battery are included in the update.

The 10-strong specialist care team, along with 500 trained personnel across the network, is expected to ensure continual quality assurance and rigorous operational procedures are in place. Passively packaged pharmaceuticals can also be handled at every Constant Climate station.

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