Wine producer chooses Cert Octavian

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Australian wine producer Brown Brothers has signed a five-year contract with Cert Octavian to manage port to warehouse haulage, storage and distribution.

Cert Octavian will dispatch to retailers, wholesalers and independents across the UK and Europe, handling more than 360,000 cases a year across 65 Brown Brothers product lines.

Brendan Schutt, chief financial officer at Brown Brothers, said: “It [Cert Octavian’s Hoddesdon facility] is very lean and efficient and can help us to drive cost savings in all areas of the logistics process. Cert Octavian is able to demonstrate high levels of care as well as a national, flexible transport solution.

“Their close proximity to our Port of Entry and their management of inbound product, will improve the speed and effectiveness from port to warehouse and in deliveries to retailers.”

Cert Octavian’s managing director Anthony Finlayson Green added: “We addressed Brown Brothers’ needs on an individual basis as we do with all our customers. We quickly identified that we could reduce Brown Brothers logistics costs, while at the same time improve the service for nationwide distribution.

“Within the South East and London area we will consolidate their deliveries with our other wine customers at Hoddesdon. This is more efficient and saves money.”

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