bpi.films extends greener product range

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bpi.films has extended its range of greener products with three new hand applied pallet stretchwraps.

WrapsmartBlue is designed for use with food products and has a distinctive blue tint for the easy identification of food products.

WrapsmartBlack has a black tint and enables loads to be colour-coded for instant recognition.

WrapsmartSubzero is designed to work for sustained periods at temperatures down to -25°C without any loss of tack or performance.

Bpi says the new products are much thinner than conventional 14 micron film, but offer the same performance. WrapsmartBlue and WrapsmartSubzero are seven micronsthick, while WrapsmartBlack is nine microns thick.

Because of this, less film by volume is required to wrap a given load and so less packaging waste is created. Plus, this reduced waste can also be reprocessed rather than sent to landfill.


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