Meat supplier chooses Visidot for traceability

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German meat supplier Westfalenland Fleischwaren has implemented Image ID’s Visidot supply chain traceability software.

The company ships 600,000 product packages every day, but as deadlines were getting increasingly tighter it needed to boost efficiency.

Westfalenland Fleischwaren has replaced its hand-held scanning procedure with a faster and more accurate, fully automated scan-to-stock Visidot Reader, for product arriving from the production line conveyors.

Another Visidot gate automatically captures outbound pallets stacked with multiple packages and matches the barcode labels data with customer orders, ensuring zero shipping errors.

The whole process is completed within seconds. Both applications are fully integrated with Westfalenland Fleischwaren’s ERP system.

Bernd Karla, Westfalenland’s director of logistics, said: “In order to meet today’s ever-tighter deadlines and maintain our high standard of product quality and safety, we were seeking innovative technologies to improve logistics processes and optimize operational efficiency.

“Visidot’s unique technology provides the speed and accuracy we need and can be easily implemented with our operation.”

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