Hyster launches lightweight truck

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Hyster has launched a lightweight, low duty pallet truck designed to bridge the gap between hand pallet trucks and powered pallet trucks.

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The low cost P1.3 runs off two 12V batteries and plugs directly into a standard electric socket to re-charge. It is based on the P1.6 pallet truck, but instead of using a 24V battery, it uses two small 12V, 55 Ah automotive batteries with an on-board charger that can be plugged straight into a standard plug socket. 

With a maximum load weight of 1,300kg, it has been designed specifically for light applications in which limited performance is needed. 

“It’s for those who previously thought they couldn’t afford or justify the step up to a powered pallet truck,” said Robert O’Donoghue, Warehouse Product Manager for Hyster Europe. 

The Hyster P1.3 is offered with extended service intervals (12 months or 1,000 hours) and various options including load back rest, a variety of fork sizes, lateral protection plates and extended warranty of 36 months or 3000 hours.


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