Transport management is core for Netto

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Logistics company C Butt has gone live with Isotrak’s transport management system, which contributed to it recently winning a five-year retail distribution deal with Netto.

GPS tracking equipment has already been installed in 21 Mercedes tractor units, with the remaining 42 Scania tractors to be fitted this month.

C Butt said a key requirement of Netto’s competitive tender opportunity was to increase efficiency within Netto Foodstores’ distribution operation, based in depots at South Elmsall near Pontefract and Daventry in Northamptonshire.

Previously, vehicle movements to and from Netto’s 193 UK stores had been planned and measured using traditional spreadsheet and ad hoc phone calls, which could not deliver the level of efficiency that Netto now required.

Northampton-based C Butt had past experience of working with Isotrak in its other operations.

The vehicle tracking data from Isotrak systems will be integrated with routeing software from Paragon, ultimately enabling C Butt to plan resource availability and measure performance.

Karl Hodgkinson, C Butt’s group operations director, said: “Winning the five-year Netto contract confirmed our dedication to delivering quality logistics services. Isotrak systems are playing a fundamental role in underwriting our quality pledge by ensuring Netto’s stores will get the correct delivery in time, every time.”

Craig Sears-Black, sales and marketing director at Isotrak, added: “Through the utilisation of our systems, Netto will achieve the triple proven benefits of saving money, improving customer service amd reducing carbon emissions.

“These are vital considerations for any modern transport business trying to stay competitive in today’s challenging market conditions.”

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