Tesco floors it in Malaysia

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The 50,000 sq m warehouse, sited just north of Kuala Lumpur, is built on a 25-acre plot, which includes 24,000 sq m for expansion.

The main hub features 169 loading docks and 54,000 pallet spaces in 11m high selective racking.

Face Consultants designed and specified the floor flatness as FM2 Special from the UK Concrete Society’s Technical Report No 34.

The consultancy specified 2.4m x 2.6m pile grid, 900 diameter pile heads, 200mm thick sub base, 210mm thick slab with 45kg/cu m HE+1/60 metal fibres, AD10 armoured joints, 5kg of fibre suppressant dry shake and Masterkure 181 Acrylic Curing System.

The tolerances are designed to allow the conversion from conventional to narrow aisle racking storage with very little floor flatness upgrading required.

To avoid casting during the heat, batching plant staff began work at 2.30am, with the first truck arriving on site at 4am.

Following fibre batching, the concrete was placed direct from the truck in four metre wide strips and then struck to tolerance with a Somero S240 Laser Screed.

The laser-controlled head incorporates an auger which strikes the concrete and pushes excess material out to the right side of the 12 foot wide head before a vibrator and a finishing blade smooth the just struck concrete surface.

The only manual compaction of concrete is done around the perimeter joints to ensure the load transfer dowels on the armour joints are fully enclosed with concrete.

The project was carried out by a 39-man team who placed 10,500 cu m of concrete and 47 tonnes of fibre over 41 days of casting.

The last load of concrete was generally placed by 1pm with finishing works completed seven to nine hours later.

Erection of the racking and racking sprinklers began 20 days into casting.

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