More power for Freightliner

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Freightliner has taken delivery of its first GE Transportation PowerHaul locomotives which provide greater hauling capacity and significant improvements in fuel economy than current locomotives.

Tim Shakerley, engineering director of Freightliner said: “This product is a culmination of two years of hard work and partnership with GE, to produce a locomotive that will increase our haulage capabilities and bring further reduction to our carbon emissions.”

The 129-tonne PowerHaul locomotive is designed to generate more horsepower and tractive effort while lowering fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions than locomotives currently in use.

The locomotive has a  V16- cylinder, twin-turbo PowerHaul engine which meets European Union stage IIIa emissions for traction engines.

Based on the current fleets and power generation, the PowerHaul locomotive emits less carbon per gross-tonne mile moved than electric locomotives – making it greener all round, and more than ten times better than its road equivalent.

GE’s AC individual-axle traction-control technology enables the PowerHaul Series to haul heavier loads by significantly reducing slippage on start-ups, inclines and suboptimal track conditions. The PowerHaul Series also features dynamic braking which reuses wasted energy by driving auxiliary loads.

The dual air-conditioned, low-noise operator cabs were designed with input from the operators for comfort and maximum efficiency. The cabs embody a well-organised, clean and neat European style featuring easy-to-read gauges and an unobstructed front-windscreen for a clear track view.

The PowerHaul locomotives will now undergo commissioning before entering service and complementing Freightliner’s existing fleet of more than 160 locomotives.

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