Amstrad chooses IFS to integrate with BSkyB

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Amstrad implemented IFS’s enterprise resource planning system, following its recent acquisition by BSkyB.

BSkyB has been using IFS since 2006 so the deployment of the software was necessary in order to integrate Amstrad’s business and processes into its parent company and provide a single platform to improve internal efficiencies.

Marion Scott, head of supply chain services at BskyB, said: “Before the acquisition, Amstrad operated with a number of different systems and suppliers, which made collaboration with BSkyB challenging.

“Having used IFS for a number of years and experiencing the benefits of its ERP system first-hand it was an easy decision to move Amstrad on to the IFS system to simplify operations. By consolidating these modules, we can now better manage overheads with fewer suppliers and reduce our licensing costs.”

Paul Massey, IFS UK managing director, added: “Our ability to deliver a flexible ERP system for Amstrad within a very short time frame is testament to our commitment to meeting customer demands.

“Moreover, Amstrad will now experience a more cohesive and unified operation with BSkyB, ultimately enabling the organisation to fulfill customer orders more efficiently.”

Amstrad, which was founded in 1968 by Sir Alan Sugar, is now wholly owned by BSkyB and is responsible for the manufacturing of Sky digital TV boxes.

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