APC trials aerodynamic trailer

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APC Overnight is trialling the latest Don-Bur aerodynamic trailer as the first step in its plan to replace its entire trailer fleet.

The double-decker, curtain-sided EcoStream trailer is fitted with a lifting deck, designed for safer, quicker loading and unloading. Roll-out of the new slope-roofed trailers is set for early 2010.

APC transport manager Surj Ram said: “The upper lifting deck is lowered for loading and then raised to allow access to the area beneath, which not only improves safety but also speeds up the process. We were also keen to solve the problem of limited access to the decks which we’ve achieved by configuring the design to allow loading and unloading via the rear doors. This flexibility enables faster turnaround of the trailers.
“Aerodynamic trailers are the way forward for APC Overnight. These trailers overcome the problem of inertia and rolling resistance, allowing the tractor units to perform more efficiently. Less drag caused by the trailer means better fuel consumption and lower emissions. This is important as our investment in Euro 5-rated equipment is improved with the EcoStream trailers, and even with older tractors there will be an improvement.”

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