Gerry Weber rolls out RFID

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Gerry Weber is to become the first German retail company to roll out RFID technology combining inventory management and loss prevention.

The retailer, which has 338 stores and 1,400 shop-in-shop areas throughout the world, will be using Avery Dennison’s RFID system in over 25 million garments a year through an RFID chip imbedded in a care label.

The system is designed to optimise Gerry Weber’s logistics and retail processes, reduce theft, and ensure stores are well stocked with popular items.

The Avery Dennison RFID fabric care labels will be applied in the manufacturing process, and are automatically deactivated after the customer has paid for the goods at the checkout.

Logistics director at Gerry Weber, Dr David Frink, said: “This technology allows us to achieve high stock accuracy and thereby an improved goods supply at the retail store. Time-consuming counting operations, for example for inventories, will no longer be necessary.”

The RFID inlay, also from Avery Dennison, is incorporated in a care label and is washable up to 60 degrees Celsius and can be dry cleaned. This makes it possible to trace garments from production to point of sale, even if they are washed or dry cleaned in the process.

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