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Driven in the wrong conditions by the wrong person forklift trucks can injure and kill. PIN code access has become a popular technology to block personnel from driving a truck they’re unqualified for.

ID Systems’ vehicle management system, PowerFleet, provides strict vehicle access control. European VP of sales and marketing Peter Fausel says: “It’s impossible for drivers to keep dozens of keys in their pockets, so inevitably they end up being left in the ignition.”

He points to accountability as being a grizzly subject for warehouse bosses. If an accident occurs and a truck is damaged, it can be tricky to pinpoint who is accountable, he says. Spotting whether a truck is idle is also difficult if there is nothing to track which vehicles are being used and when. Visibility is particularly troublesome during peak periods, especially for larger fleets.
The PowerFleet system is linked to the forklift’s ignition, so it will only start once an authorised driver swipes their ID badge over the reader. Once started, the system monitors and tracks exactly how that vehicle is used (or not). Data is collected automatically and in real-time to improve visibility, and show how many trucks are actually needed to satisfy operational demands, and cut out the ones that have too much downtime.

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