Tecsys promises higher order accuracy

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Software house Tecsys has launched EliteSeries 8 Visual Logistics which it describes as a new technological innovation that will enable customers to streamline putaway, picking and packing and “achieve the highest in order accuracy and fill rate known to date”.

It uses web-based technology that delivers visual instructions to workers directly on their RF gun or handheld computer and visually communicates exactly “what, when, where, why and how” activities they can execute activities in the optimum time.

Tecsys calls it “A Visual Logistics Paradigm”. Robert Colosino, vice president, marketing & business development,  said: “With the EliteSeries WMS Visual Logistics, workers are instructed visually, and can instantaneously associate an image with what they need to do. This is a major leap forward and a revolutionary way to enable workers to perform even more complex tasks, faster, with less mental fatigue and errors. The results are sustainable, high levels of productivity and accuracy throughout the shift like never seen before. Like the old saying – “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

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