Tuesday 25th Sep 2018 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Primary distribution KPIs revealed

Freight Best Practice has published a benchmarking survey for the primary distribution sector covering a number of  key performance indicators.

The survey found that on average:

* Empty running stands at just 13 per cent (compared to a commonly referred to industry average of 25 per cent)

* Miles per gallon stand at 8.54.

* Vehicle fill stands at 82 per cent.

The survey breaks the figures down by GVW, route type, sub-sectors, region and route so operators can accurately compare their performance with that of the survey.

Freight Best Practice is funded by the Department for Transport and is managed by AECOM to promote operational efficiency, safety, journey time reliability and CO2 reductions within freight operations – road, rail and waterways.

The programme identifies and disseminates best practice and offers information, support material and guidance on saving fuel, developing skills, equipment and systems, performance management and multi-modal operations.

More from the Freight Best Practice web site: www.freightbestpractice.org.uk