New counterbalance range from Jungheinrich

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Jungheinrich is launching a new range of counterbalance trucks which it describes as “ultra-high performance”.

The 3-Series is powered by a Volkswagen engine and features the same hydrostatic* drive technology as the 4-Series.

The hydrostatic drive technology helps minimise fuel consumption. Jungheinrich says tests have shown that over the course of 2,000 hours of typical operation, a 3-Series truck can save some £2,000 in fuel costs compared to a similar capacity counterbalance truck that uses torque converter technology.

The 3-Series is designed for applications where a lot of ‘shuttling’ work is involved – such as lorry loading and unloading within and around a busy warehouse or factory environment.

The 3-Series has a working programme settings feature that Jungheinrich reckons is unique. The operator chooses the mode of operation that best suits the type of work he or she is doing. For example, in applications where safety or economy of use are of primary importance, the 3-Series can be set in Mode One, which restricts travels speeds, while other options can be selected for optimum performance inside or outside a warehouse or where the truck is shuttling.

Jungheinrich says the advantages of this include safer load handling, reduced tyre wear and reduced truck speed without compromising lift, tilt or auxiliary speeds which, in turn, mean less truck damage, fewer accidents and reduced running costs, increased productivity and greater environmental benefits.

Trucks in the 3-Series range are capable of lifting loads weighing up to 1600-2000 kg and is available in both LPG and diesel versions.

* Hydrostatic drives are self-contained hydraulic pump and motor systems providing smooth and controllable acceleration as well as braking. They consist of hydraulic motors fed by a hydrostatic drive pump. Hydraulic oil flows through hoses connecting the hydrostatic components to produce a continuously smooth and wear free power transfer to the drive wheels, contrasting its gear based transmission counterpart.

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