BITO retrofits static racking to live storage

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BITO Storage Systems has launched Adapta-Flow, a live storage offering that can be retrofitted to an existing static racking structure to convert it into carton flow racking by using the racking’s beams.

The innovation makes it possible for companies order picking from pallets to start to order pick from live storage levels.

Adapta-Flow is compatible with all types of pallet racking and can be used with either single or double deep systems to provide first-in, first out storage.

Ready-mounted modules drop onto the beams of the existing racking, which means that flow lanes on each level can be configured to suit the needs of the application and can also be modified at any time to adapt to changing business needs.

Modules can also be removed to return racking back to its original state if required.

BITO said this is particularly useful for seasonal trends, such as during the Christmas peak period.

There are two variations of Adapta-Flow. Roller Lanes are suited to cartons and bins of any size. It comprises roller tracks installed with a standard spacing of 100mm, which can be adjusted in 8.5mm increments to suit the storage unit.

The cylindrical plastic rollers have 26mm diameter and a 28mm pitch.

The second option is Conveyor Rollers which can accommodate cartons and bins in lanes with a predetermined width and are suited for storage units that have difficult travel characteristics and heavy goods of up to 30kg.

The galvanised rollers have a 25mm diameter and a roller pitch of 84mm.

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