How technology is beating the snow drifts

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Local authorities and gritting contractors are using Masternaut Three X to monitor gritters, as well as recording how much salt has been spread on major roads, which becomes increasingly useful as supplies dwindle.

Masternaut uses GPS to track gritters and automatically sends the information via GPRS and position of the vehicle is then recorded against Microsoft Bing Maps online street mapping.

This information is available to the gritting managers in real time for accurate reporting or incident management and a daily report is also delivered by email for historical monitoring.

Organisations making use of the Masternaut include the London Borough of Newham, Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council, Trafford Council, South Wales Trunk Road Agency (SWTRA) and Traffic Wales, UK highway maintenance specialist Ringway Infrastructure Services and winter risk management services company GRITIT.

“Since it is a web service, the council has not had to buy or install any special software and it is very easy to use, with information accessible from any PC. We also chose Masternaut because it could be easily tailored to meet our exact needs. This configuration work was done very quickly, allowing us to get everything up and running in just a few weeks ahead of the winter season,” said James Weldon of London Borough of Newham.

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