DHL unveils mainland Europe’s first teardrop

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DHL Supply Chain has unveiled mainland Europe’s first teardrop trailer, which is now in operation between the Netherlands and Germany.

The teardrop style of trailer has been used in the UK for a number of years, but it is the first of its kind to be used in continental Europe.

An early incarnation of the truck went through an 18-month trial in the UK, and DHL has since worked on a new design in collaboration with DON-BUR specifically for use in mainland Europe.

The materials used for the trailer have been adapted and it has also been built to meet European legislation requirements.

Paul Eden-Smith, senior VP consumer, retail & fashion sector, EMEA, DHL Supply Chain, said: “As businesses come under increasing pressure to reduce carbon emissions new innovation is key to driving positive environmental change.

“This is the first trailer of its kind in mainland Europe, which we expect will provide a 10 per cent reduction in fuel usage and save up to 25 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions during the first year of operation.

“Our latest collaboration with DON-BUR is an important step forward and will help to ensure further innovation in aerodynamic truck design remains high on the European supply chain agenda.”


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