APC buys first Eco Urban trailer

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APC Overnight has purchased the first Eco Urban trailer designed by Yorkshire-based W Trailer Co.

The aerodynamic trailer includes a double-deck front section for greater carrying capacity, and boasts reduced fuel consumption and lower emission.

APC Celtic Couriers will use the ten metre trailer for deliveries to cities and town centres throughout the Swansea region, as well as for trunking to the APC Overnight national hub in Wolverhampton.

“We needed a manoeuvrable compact trailer that would allow us to get in and out of town and city centres,” said Gareth Jenkins, logistics manager of Celtic Couriers.

“In addition it had to be as fuel and emissions efficient as possible, as well as provide good load capacity. By meeting these requirements within the design of the Eco Urban trailer, it allows us to provide customers better services and keep costs down. W Trailer Co has produced a totally practical solution for APC Celtic Couriers.”

Stewart Burton of W Trailer Co added: “The trailer uses the same roof design as our standard Eco Deck Trailer. It provides extended 26-pallet row capacity within a standard ten metre length and the aerodynamic design reduces environmental impact.

“We have been building urban trailers for many years and we have seen a shift in demand for these shorter trailers as they can be used with existing tractor units, reducing the need to invest in additional vehicles such as rigids. They are becoming the preferred equipment for getting deliveries easily in and out of town. We have since extended our Eco family to include both urban and rigid products.”

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