Zetes unveils ePOD with smart card technology

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Zetes has launched ePOD, which combines smartcard technology, RFID and barcode scanning to help optimise tracking and tracing, while reducing returns, claims and shrinkage.

The wall-mounted system is designed to enable error-free traceability between production centres and warehouses, warehouses and retail outlets, and during the movement of goods between locations such as stores, pharmacies and hospitals.

The product requires no integration with existing systems and features software based on a touch screen interface.

During shipping information of what needs to be delivered and where is stored on a smart card.

At the point of delivery containers labelled with RFID tags or barcodes are passed in front of the RFID reader or scanner of the ePOD terminal and checked.

Physical proof of delivery is stored on the smart card and sent via SMS to relevant stakeholders.

Data is also uploaded to a repository, enabling data verification, image verification and reporting.

Zetes unveiled the ePOD at Logistics Link South yesterday (2nd February).

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