Logistex sets out fourth party strategy

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Logistex, the automated logistics systems supplier, is focusing its business strategy on becoming a fourth party integrator enabling it to seek out, specify and integrate best-in-class products. As a symbol of the changes the company has changed its name from FKI Logistex to Logistex.

Managing director Jerry Woodhouse said: “Our decision to make the company a fourth party integrator is a significant step in streamlining the business and focusing all our energies on delivering systems and processes that will anticipate and exceed our customers’ expectations – and those of our competitors.”

Key services and facilities are staying in-house. Software and IT systems, such as the Logistex Warehouse System (LWS), will continue to be developed and implemented by Logistex’s own team. The company will continue to offer 24 hour, 365 days a year response and support.

“The many other initiatives under the banner ‘A Sure Thing’ symbolise the pact we will make with all our customers – that we will behave, perform and deliver to an exceptional level of clarity, honesty and professionalism,” said Woodhouse.

“This does not mean we believe we will never make a mistake. But it does mean we will strive to avoid errors, to make sure that if something falls below the standards we have set ourselves we will do whatever it takes to put it right – and above all, for our customer to be convinced they have been treated fairly and with respect. In today’s competitive market the customer deserves and expects no less – and we know our business will succeed by delivering on our promises.”

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