IFS creates route planning with Microsoft maps

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IFS has launched Virtual Maps, a route planning tool which overlays information about ongoing and planned jobs with road and satellite maps using Microsoft’s Bing Maps platform.

It is designed to help companies optimise driving routes, provide alerts on due jobs and quickly plan last minute jobs.

Tomra Systems, a servicer of in-store recycling stations and an existing IFS customer, field tested the service and went live with it in December 2009.

Mikael Ljungmark, service director at Tomra Systems said: “We know that business owners lose customers as soon as a recycling station for bottles or cans is out of order. It means that every minute of delay before a technician arrives has a direct impact on business results. Therefore it is immensely important that we plan well, and with this new solution we get the best possible overview to quickly plan and re-plan as priorities change.

“IFS Virtual Map will enable us to view the planned jobs, routes and related contract information for all our service staff in the field. With this data visible on one map, we will be able to accurately plan and prioritise all existing and new jobs to maximise efficiency and customer service. In the current environment of increased competition it is not enough to just have the best products and field team; it is also essential to provide the most efficient service while reducing costs.”

The Microsoft Bing Maps platform is designed to make location data easier to visualise, understand and analyse using photorealistic imagery, geospacial data and technology.

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