Hyster extends JXN electric forklift range

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Hyster has extended its electric counterbalanced JXN forklift range to include 2.2 to 3.5 tonne models for indoor and outdoor use.

The trucks feature improved manoeuvrability and tighter turning capability thanks to Hyster’s zero turning radius steer axle, which allows the rear wheels to turn more than 90 degrees in combination with separate drive motors mounted on each of the front wheels.

“The need for high performance electric forklifts delivering up to 3.5 tonne lifting capacity has become increasingly important as more businesses place increased emphasis on reducing energy consumption,” said David Rowell, Hyster’s European operations manager.

Hyster claims the new additions are able to move more loads while using less energy than competitor models. “These new trucks maintain powerful performance over a full shift with travel speeds up to 21km/h and energy efficiencies that significantly exceed the industry average,” adds Rowell.

The four new models are available in two configurations, Advance and Advance+.

The Advance models are equipped with eLo and HiP settings, which can be programmed to meet the required energy-versus-productivity balance best suited to the demands of the application. 

On the eLo setting, Hyster reckons Advance models are 7.5 per cent more productive than the competitive average and on the HiP setting, nine per cent more productive. 

The Advance+ models are designed to operate in intensive, high productivity applications with long runs and high lifts. 

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