New security code for chemical supply chain

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The Chemical Business Association has launched a security code designed to improve the security of the chemical supply chain and guard against the potential threat of a terrorist attack.

The five-stage risk assessment required by the CBA Security Code involves – identifying potential security threats; identifying the nature of the vulnerability involved; implementing risk reduction measures; documenting the assessment; and subsequent monitoring and review.

Many supply chain companies already undertake security risk assessments in compliance with legislation applying to the carriage of dangerous goods or the Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH).

CBA director Peter Newport said: “The new security code applies to all CBA member companies regardless of whether they already have a legal obligation to undertake security risk assessments. In addition, member companies will be required, as part of our responsible care programme, to report any potential or actual security incidents to CBA.”

The CBA has also issued voluntary security guidelines to establish best practice for the chemical supply chain.

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