Warehouse simulation with real data

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Cirrus Logistics has release version 12 of its CLASS warehouse simulation software which can now import real warehouse activity data direct from users’ warehouse management systems.

The company says this allows faster and more accurate model building than before and a range of simulation possibilities based on accurate, current data are now available.
In addition, a new 3D engine has been incorporated to improve 3D visualisation within the system.

Three areas of warehouse operations can now be imported from WMS into CLASS: SKU sales, picking journeys and vehicle inbound and outbound schedules.

A new feature allows users to specify an automatic aisle labelling convention which facilitates some of the import functions. Once this has been completed, detailed SKU sales data, such as a list of locations and the sales of SKUs in each location, can be transferred into CLASS.

The tool then generates activity profiles for each aisle, reflecting faster and slower moving stock based on the real use of each location. Users are also able to import specific pick journeys going to particular locations that have been recorded by the WMS. These can then be simulated within CLASS to assess daily activity or longer term productivity and to test actual performance against KPIs.

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