Geodis Calberson launches electronic booking

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Geodis Calberson is set to launch an electronic booking service for all its network shipments.

The e-commerce system will handle both domestic and international shipments and will is designed to offer customers a “one stop shop” where they can book directly online.

The e-commerce initiative will handle labelling of loads for all Geodis Calberson’s services and those of its partners, APC Parcels, the Fortec Pallet Distribution Network, other Geodis companies and Azkar in Europe.

The e-commerce system offering provides customers with one system to process all network shipments and will print labels for all Geodis network products. It will be used to help facilitate the increase of sales of domestic goods for Geodis Calberson.

The system is designed to increase in the number of shipments Geodis Calberson handles without increasing cost; create more pre-labelled goods; improve data quantity, reduce warehousing and routeing errors; improve warehouse productivity and offer the flexibility of a multi product choice.

Jamie Cuthbert, managing director of Geodis Calberson, said: “Many customers are keen to book online and the new system will enable us to handle more shipments without increased costs and reduce warehouse and routing errors even further.”


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