Multipart backs Mongolian ambulance journey

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Multipart is sponsoring a 10,000 mile journey to deliver an ambulance to Mongolia.

The ex-NHS ambulance, based on an LDV Convoy 400,  was bought for a few hundred pounds on E-bay. Components have been provided, from the stock held by Multipart, to enable the vehicle to be brought back to good condition, pass its MoT test, and support it both during the trip and when it is in use in Mongolia.

The ambulance will be driven by a five strong team of volunteers known as The Mongolance Crew. They will take six weeks to reach their destination, a hospital in Ulaan Bataar.  Once there it will be used to support the work of the charity, the Mercy Corps.

Multipart Director Brendan Leach said: “Although LDV has not produced vehicles now for well over a year, there are still around 115,000 LDV vans and minibuses in service in the UK and these are going to be around for a few years yet.”

The journey begins at the Goodwood racing circuit on 24th July when The Mongolance Crew will join another 300 teams from the UK on the 2010 Mongol Rally.

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