Swiss Post moves into UK retail market

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Swiss Post International UK has moved into the UK retail market with acquisition of MCM Direct, a direct mail provider.
Swiss Post head of international mail, Daniel Bättig said: “We want to better penetrate the country by building up a network of subsidiaries, partners and resellers for our products and services.”

Southampton based MCM Direct has turnover of £2.1 million.  It provides direct mailing and printing services which now allows Swiss Post to offer an end to end service. MCM Direct’s facilities should be fully rebranded by 1st Jan 2011 and its managing director will stay on. 

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Swiss Post’s UK chief Paul Taylor, pictured, said the move into retail was in response to customer demand, and that it would be refreshing to influence customers based on the quality and scope of service that they offer as well as price.
This announcement follows the consolidation of Swiss Post’s sorting facilities into two adjacent units.  The new site at Heathrow was constructed over nine months and provides 5,000 sq ft overflow space for the Christmas rush period. 
By basing its secure air cargo unit together with its other operations Swiss Post has minimised transport costs between the two.  The move has also maximised staff efficiency as all staff have security clearance, training and now proximity to work in both units.

Swiss Post International UK has assured its wholesale clients that it will not poach their existing business.

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